Gerund or infinitive 1

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in the correct form (-ing or to infinitive).
1. I promised (get) home by ten but the bus was late.
2. We only had twenty pounds, so we couldn't afford (go) anywhere expensive.
3. The tourists expected (leave) at three o'clock.
4. I suggested (wait) for a bus but they wanted (walk).
5. Mr. Johnson enjoyed (learn) German at school and continued (study) the language when he was older.
6. I hoped (do) well in the exam, so I suggested (ask) David (help) us.
7. Laura dislikes (be) with children so she doesn't plan (be) a primary school teacher.
8. We can't stand (wait) in queues but we don't mind (visit) places where there are lots of tourists.