Gerund or infinitive 3

Read the Tour of London. Complete the text with the verbs in brackets in the correct form (-ing or to infinitive).
Tour of London
Start at Baker Street Station. Sherlock Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street but don't expect (see) him there now. While you are in the area you will want (visit) Madame Tussaud's Waxworks. You should expect (be) amazed at the Planetarium next door, where you can see the stars indoors. If you like (watch) animals, you're in the right place because you aren't far from London Zoo, in Regent's Park. If you decide (go) to the zoo, we recommend (walk) across the beautiful park first. And don't miss (feed) the animals at the zoo. You can buy animal food to give them. From the zoo, you can avoid (take) the underground or (catch) a bus a little while longer and still do something interesting. We suggest (go) to Great Portland Street next, where you can go up the 188 metre Telecom Tower for a great view of London, but we don't recommend (eat) up there as it's very expensive. After that it's back on the underground again at Goodge Street Station. You need to change trains at Embankment Station to get to Westminster Station. From there you can visit the Houses of Parliament - which are still there even though Guy Fawkes hoped (blow them up) in 1605. There's a lot to do in London but you won't be able (see) everything in one day.